How Herbal Remedies Can Help Noise Phobia in Dogs

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During Autumn and Winter, when there may be Firework displays and unexpected thunderstorms, we recommend using natural dog calming products. As we don’t have these storms regularly, many dogs can be afraid of the whizz, bangs and rumbles of thunder. Our Scullcap & Valerian Tablets for Dogs and Valerian Compound for Dogs are both made

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What supplements should I add to my dog’s raw diet?

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As the popularity of raw feeding grows and many dog owners are seeing and noticing the benefits of feeding their dog a raw natural diet. Our team of advisors are often asked: “What supplements should I add to my dog’s raw diet?” So using our 65 years of experience, here are our very best recommendations!

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Improving Inc’s coat condition

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Trial Study Before the launch of Omega Star it was tested by a study group of dogs, these were a variety of breeds from every group and from youngsters through to veterans, from working dogs to pet dogs through to top winning show dogs! A few of their owners felt so strongly about using the

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Poppy the perfect family pooch!

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Our pre-launch trial was conducted on a study group of dogs of varied breed and age, some were top winning show dogs, some working dogs, famous social media doggy bloggers and also the important family pet! Here is Poppy’s story shared by her owner Faye Avery   “Poppy is a Labradoodle, she is 5 years

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Spring Show Season

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Spring show season is well under way – the Dorwest Trade Team visit the major trade shows throughout the year. PATS Sandown yet again proved a highly successful show for the Dorwest trade team. It was a great opportunity to meet our pet trade customers face to face, and we also had enquiries from overseas

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