How To Care For The Older Dog

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We love our oldies; old dogs have a special charm and we share with them a unique bond as family members over many years. Naturally, we want to do our best for dogs in their old age – it’s a time in their life when they need us the most, which is why caring for an

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The Benefits of Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets For Your Dog

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Our Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets for Dogs are the fundamental Dorwest Herbs ‘staple’, with famous kennel owners swearing by giving this herbal medicine daily! The active ingredients in this natural pet medicine  are  garlic and fenugreek; both natural anti-inflammatories for dogs. By giving your dog Dorwest Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets, you can help to increase their resistance

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3 Essential Daily Supplements For Dogs

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At Dorwest Herbs, the most common question our team of advisors get asked is ‘What supplements can I give my dog every day to keep him (or her!) healthy?’ Much like ourselves, it is much more sensible to keep your pet healthy than to wait until perhaps their health is not quite as good and

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What supplements should I add to my dog’s raw diet?

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As the popularity of raw feeding grows and many dog owners are seeing and noticing the benefits of feeding their dog a raw natural diet. Our team of advisors are often asked: “What supplements should I add to my dog’s raw diet?” So using our 65 years of experience, here are our very best recommendations!

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Back to school blues for your dog

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The summer holidays are almost over, and there is a scent of autumn in the air. New school shoes have all been shopped for and it is nearly time for the kids to return to school days again. The traffic will change to the busier term time, too. We humans understand all about this time

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How my dog Addy coped with his firework fear

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Here is a story from one of our Dorwest customers, all about how her English Setter Addy coped with his fireworks fear last Autumn. Sadly Addy is no longer with Gail and the rest of the family but she wanted to share his story Addy’s Firework Fear Both my dogs were rescue ones. Addy came

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Dorwest to the rescue!

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We are really excited that this year Dorwest are extending their calming hand to UK Dog Rescue Centres up and down the country to help dogs in a rescue environment that struggle with anxiety and noise phobia. We are asking YOU to nominate your favourite rescue centre by visiting the Dorwest social media accounts (Facebook,

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Canine Massage – Why do I need vet consent?

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Our friends at the K9 Massage Guild have written this great article we would like to share with you. With the increase in ‘alternative therapies’ for our pets it is really important to use properly trained professionals, you really do owe it to your dog or cat to use a trained therapist and make sure

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Are we nearly there yet? Travel sickness explained

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With another holiday season just round the corner it’s that time again when we start thinking about packing up the family and our pets and heading off on a short break. However dogs can get travel sickness just like humans do, even on the shortest of journeys and this can sometimes be a stressful time, but

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Improving Inc’s coat condition

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Trial Study Before the launch of Omega Star it was tested by a study group of dogs, these were a variety of breeds from every group and from youngsters through to veterans, from working dogs to pet dogs through to top winning show dogs! A few of their owners felt so strongly about using the

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