5 natural supplements for dogs and their benefits

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Natural herbal supplements for dogs help to improve their health; by boosting their diet you can ensure they are getting all the nutrition they need. Not sure where to start? Here’s our top 5 best natural supplements for dogs and why we recommend them for regular use: 1. Keeper’s Mix Keeper’s Mix for Dogs is

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Herbie the baldy dog

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“After a few stressful knee operations, our poor boy lost a lot of hair. We were recommended to contact Dorwest, and with their help and advice and his raw diet, this is the transformation from September last year to this January. We can’t thank you enough!”     Just gone 3 years old, Herbie has

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Improving Inc’s coat condition

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Trial Study Before the launch of Omega Star it was tested by a study group of dogs, these were a variety of breeds from every group and from youngsters through to veterans, from working dogs to pet dogs through to top winning show dogs! A few of their owners felt so strongly about using the

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A star is born!

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Introducing Omega Star We are so excited to announce the launch of Omega Star. Omega Star® is a 100% natural blend of plant oils, rich in essential Omega 3 and 6’s.  It is both the unique combination and quality of the ingredients and most importantly the levels used in this carefully created blend, which really

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Poppy the perfect family pooch!

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Our pre-launch trial was conducted on a study group of dogs of varied breed and age, some were top winning show dogs, some working dogs, famous social media doggy bloggers and also the important family pet! Here is Poppy’s story shared by her owner Faye Avery   “Poppy is a Labradoodle, she is 5 years

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Champion Connie’s choice!

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Omega Star has made a big impression in a very short time, we were thrilled to hear from Connie’s owners about how she got on after just 1 month on the new product.  This is what they had to say… Connie is a 3 year old female, she has been lightly shown due to the

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