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Wouldn’t it be great if your pet stayed calm and collected as fireworks go off outside?

What are the signs?

Whether your pet just doesn’t like loud noises very much, or it has developed into a more severe phobia, these are the common behavioural sings that are indicative of stress:

  • Unable to settle and pacing the room
  • Shaking, salivating and panting
  • Destructiveness, howling or even toileting inside
  • Cowering, hiding or trying to run away

How can herbal products help?

Herbs are gentle but effective and our products are formulated by experts to reduce anxiety by lessening activity in the nervous system rather than relaxing muscles. This means that your pet ca be relaxed and calm without it sedating or affecting their normal behaviour. They virtually have no side effects and are successfully used over the firework period, with millions of doses being sold every year. This results in pets being less concerned about the noises that would normally cause fear and distress, giving a calm firework period for owners and pets alike.