Party season is here!

The festivities are well and truly upon us and as enjoyable as it is, it can be unsettling for our pets. Christmas/Winter time can mean lots of visitors, travelling & bad weather such as thunderstorms, so here’s the best way to keep your pet calm.

Noise phobias and nervousness can be hard to deal with for both pets and owners. This licensed herbal medicine, and calming liquid supplement, calm and relax dogs and cats naturally by lessening activity in the nervous system without sedating and relaxing muscles. Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Valerian Compound are the perfect combination to keep your pets calm over the festive season and for unexpected occasions.

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve fireworks

Sadly, what once was only one night of pops, bangs and whizzes, is now a whole winter season of fireworks to mark every occasion. It is likely that your pets will hear more fireworks coming over the Christmas and New Year period so be prepared and start giving Scullcap & Valerian Tablets now to keep your pet calm. Remember to continue the tablets until after New Year’s Eve for any unexpected bangs between the two celebrations.

What not to feed dogs at Christmas


As well as noisy and loud fireworks, thunder and hail can be just as scary for our four-legged friends. So, when unexpected loud noises cause concern, simply administer Valerian Compound direct on to their tongue, in their food or even a few drops on their bedding. This extract gets into the system in about 20 minutes and the calming effects last about 2 hours. You can also continue to give Scullcap & Valerian Tablets throughout the winter season if extra coverage is needed.

Driving home for Christmas

Are you travelling with your pet this Christmas to visit friends and family? Are they a nervous/poor traveller? Travelling any distance with your dog might be something they don’t regularly do, so here are some handy ways to make the journeys stress-free for you and your canine best pal.