We’re often asked what we’d recommend for everyday health and so we thought we’d show you!

Our Everyday Essentials are staple Dorwest products that support every pet whether you feed raw or complete. True all-rounders which are perfect for keeping your pet in tip-top condition, especially during winter.

Keeper`s Mix For Dogs And Cats Keeper`s Mix For Dogs And Cats

Keepers Mix is our most popular herbal supplement to maintain optimum health for dogs and cats.

This is a Dorwest Foundation product!

FROM: £14.90

Keeper`s Mix Sensitive For Dogs And Cats Keeper`s Mix Sensitive For Dogs And Cats
New Keepers Mix Sensitive, an even more gentle version of our best seller for all round herbal health – ideal for puppies!

FROM: £14.90

Omega Star For Dogs Omega Star For Dogs

Omega Star® for dogs provides plant based omega enrichment for nourished skin and a quality coat.


FROM: £23.50

Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets For Dogs Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets For Dogs
Naturally supports all-round health, stimulate a strong immune system and promote healthy skin

FROM: £10.00

Roast Dinner Toothpaste - 200g Roast Dinner Toothpaste - 200g
Roast Dinner Toothpaste is a professionally formulated veterinary toothpaste for dogs and cats.


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Winter brings crisp morning walks with our four-legged friends, evenings snuggled in front of the fire and the hope of snow… It can also bring never-ending colds and dry skin! Just like us, our pets can feel a bit run-down through the winter months so it’s a great time to give their diets a boost by increasing their intake of essential nutrients. Here are a few favourites to help pets keep in top condition throughout the year.

Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets
Packed full of natural active compounds to support all-round health at every life stage. The beneficial effects are seen across the body including skin, joints & immune system to keep your pet in top condition.

Keeper’s Mix®
A unique blend of eight herbs to support all-round health. Rich in vitamins, minerals & natural antioxidants that support vital organs and maintain natural balance in your pet’s body.

Omega Star®
Containing a naturally balanced blend of omega oils and Vitamin E, it nourishes and soothes the skin while supporting quality coat growth and shine.

Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive
An even gentler formulation of bestselling Keeper’s Mix®, making it ideal for puppies, kittens and pets with known sensitivities. Packed full of seven herbs to promote all-round health alongside soothing effects on the gut.

Roast Dinner Toothpaste
Developed with veterinary professionals, our Roast Dinner Toothpaste is a tasty way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy, with anti-oxidant sage and cleansing compounds.

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