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Herbal Pet Care Success Stories For 2021

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For over 70 years, the team at Dorwest has worked hard to bring the very best of herbal pet care to your dogs, as we know the positive difference it can make. From easing anxiety to soothing skin conditions & much more aside, we always love hearing how your dog’s life has been improved. We

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How to Avoid the Witching Hour ‘Zoomies’

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Are you familiar with the ‘Zoomies’ or ‘wall of death’? Described as a sudden burst of “frenetic energy”, the ‘Zoomies’ are typically displayed by your dog running round and round or back and forth. These behaviours often take place at a similar time of day (most commonly around the ‘Witching Hours’). That being said, they

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3 Reasons Why Your Dog May Need A Winter Coat

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As the temperature starts to drop and the leaves fall from the trees, a common question often starts to pop up for pet parents: “should my dog wear a coat?” Whilst many dogs in winter have all protection they need from their own fur coats, there are times when some dogs may need an extra

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Enrich your dog’s life, every day!

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While walks are a great way to bond with our dogs, take important exercise, and enjoy fresh air – they are not the only experiences we can provide for our domesticated dogs. Dogs thrive on a mixture of physical and mental workouts – an enriched life of activities that meet all their welfare needs. This

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How To Support Your Dog When Moving House

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Moving house is something we all have to do at some stage of our lives. It’s an exciting but often stressful time, not only for ourselves but for our pets too. In order to make it a positive experience, we’re sharing our top tips to keep in mind when moving home with a dog. There

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Urinary Health For Dogs – Top Tips

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Urinary health for dogs may not be at the top of your list when considering the overall health of your four-legged friend. Perhaps this should change though. Urinary health problems can cause discomfort, distress, and even complications if left untreated. We’re hoping to shine a little more light on this topic, from urinary supplements for

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Hot Weather Activities for Your Dog

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Summer has finally arrived! With warmer temperatures, you might be looking forward to having more outdoor fun adventures alongside your dog. But, as a pet parent, it’s crucial to know that hot weather for dogs is often unbearable. During those hot days, it’s important that we keep our dogs safe from overheating. They don’t have

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Our 4 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs…

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Here at Dorwest, we always want you and your four-legged friends to have the best time together! So, we’re sharing our 4 summer safety tips for dogs to help make this happen. As pet parents, many of us jump for joy when winter finally leaves; no more dark evenings and soggy dogs caked in mud

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7 Puppy Toilet Training Tips

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Bringing a puppy into your life is such an exciting time! From the moment you pick them up, it’s the start of a beautiful new relationship. There are so many enjoyable parts to new puppy parenthood. From exploring the world together to teaching them new skills, and all the cuddles they provide. However, not all

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Itchy Dog? Here Are Our Top Tips To Help

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An itchy pet can equal an unhappy pet (and we don’t want that for our four-legged friends, do we?) Sadly, excessive itchiness is a very common problem. That being said, if your dog has itchy skin, there are numerous ways you can help. We’re going to share our top tips to help you understand why

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