Step 3: Nutrition’s role in your dog’s skin health

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We always recommend reviewing your dog’s nutrition as part of the 4 Step Plan for managing your dogs skin disorder. How can a raw diet help skin diseases? The simple, fresh, nutritious nature of the raw diet, along with the flexibility to tailor diets to an individual, provides a useful tool in managing skin disease

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Step 1: Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Your dog’s bedding

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As obvious it may seem there are some really simple things to address if your dog suffers with itchy skin which can really prove really beneficial. In some ways when your dog is suffering it is easy to go straight down the route of medication but we always encourage customers to tackle the problem in

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Grow old with me – Your elderly dog

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The golden years of dog ownership are by far the most relaxing in many ways. Gone are the days of crazy puppy behaviour, although your oldie might have a few springy steps from time to time. Still enjoying their daily lives, our older dogs seem to have made their peace with the vagaries of human

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Why is my dog eating poo?

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Why is it that our dogs decide to eat the most revolting things, when we provide them with an excellent diet, devised by experts, and costing plenty? Of all the choices they could make, the most unpleasant one seems to be dogs eating poo. Their own, or that of other creatures, seems to be a

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How to start feeding raw to your dog

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Raw feeding is growing in popularity and we have lots of customers who tell us how their dog has benefited in many ways from a diet change to raw food.  We also get asked for information on how to start feeding raw, so we asked James Beattie who has a really great Instagram account Pretty

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Garlic – It’s history, usage and queries over toxicity

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We all know garlic so well that it seems almost irrelevant to need to talk more about it, but although it’s a commonly recognised food ingredient, not everyone knows its other properties, and then of course there is the question owners ask us about whether it really is safe to give to dogs. So this

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Peanut Butter – Is it safe for your dog?

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There have been many articles and stories in the press and on social media recently about the possible dangers of giving Peanut Butter to dogs, so we thought you might find it useful to have some more information on this.  We’ve done some research and this is what we’ve found out, we hope it helps.

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Skin – Do you raw feed your dog?

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It’s become the biggest change in dog feeding for many years as more and more owners turn to feeding raw meat to their pets.  Here at Dorwest we feed our dogs this way and have done so for more years than we care to remember, and so we are ideally placed to understand the concerns

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Meet Jack Dyson!

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One of our customers kindly wrote to us with the below story. We receive hundreds of advice calls just like this listing the same issues, so we thought this would be an interesting read that many of you could identify with, we hope it helps. “Jack is 13 years of age and he is part

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Finn’s Last Chance

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When Finn first arrived at Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue in Cornwall, we thought he would die within days. He had a massive skin infection due to a flea allergy, ear infections and was extremely underweight as well as having muscle wastage and arthritis in his back legs. He was rushed to the vet, who

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