Finn’s Last Chance

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When Finn first arrived at Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue in Cornwall, we thought he would die within days. He had a massive skin infection due to a flea allergy, ear infections and was extremely underweight as well as having muscle wastage and arthritis in his back legs. He was rushed to the vet, who

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Has your dog eaten something it shouldn’t?

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Now the weather is warming up, our adventurous dogs and puppies have got their noses firmly on the ground sniffing about looking for the next interesting smell or tasty morsel.  Whether it’s a squirrel that has been pottering around or crumbs from a picnic – this is all very interesting for our dogs. The downside

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Introducing the Advisor’s Blog!

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Hello everyone!  I’m Gemma your Product Advisor, and if you have phoned Dorwest over the last two years you have more than likely spoken to me regarding advice on your pets and the use of our products or to place an order. In the future via my blog I hope to share with you tips

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Celebrating Our Staff!

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Last week Dorwest celebrated the long service of two members of staff – in the way we always do…. we had tea and cake in the office. Hev, our Production Operations Manager, and Fran, our Trade and Export Account Manager, passed the 20 and 10 years of service mark respectively last week. Both are key members of

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Christmas, ‘Tis the season to be careful

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Christmas is traditionally a time for festivities, food and family. Most pet owners also like to spoil their dogs and cats a little bit too.  But as nice as this is, it is always good to be aware of things that may cause them harm. We have compiled this list to help your Christmas be

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Spring is officially here – but be aware of pet poisons in your garden

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Here is some brilliant information on toxins found in the garden at Springtime…….. Gardening season is here! Plant bulbs are just as excited to break through the ground to add some color to our yards as we are to see some greenery! That said, we need to be aware of the potential dangers spring plants

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