Sore foot pads can occur in the colder months especially if walking in ice and snow, so after a long walk in such conditions be sure to check your pooch’s feet. Remove any debris, ice or snow that you find between his toes, if his paws are dirty, wash and dry them thoroughly, and if they are dry, scaly and damaged apply soothing Comfrey & Calendula Balm until all signs of soreness and dryness have disappeared. Cuts and deep wounds will require a visit to the vet however.


Lots of dogs experience a loss or fading of pigmentation at some stage during their lives,
the most common areas being the nose and around the eyes. This loss of pigment often occurs during the winter months and is traditionally referred to as “snow nose” or “winter nose”, as the pigment usually reappears during the summer months. This is thought to be caused by the breakdown of the enzyme Tyrosinase (this enzyme catalyzes the production of melanin and other pigments), as the enzyme is temperature sensitive and works more effectively in warmer temperatures. Heading into winter many people find using Elderberry & Nettle Extract daily helps to improve this problem.