What’s herbs got to do with it?

Herbs have proved over many years to often be the more permanent answer to many of the non-specific skin conditions that dogs suffer from. This shouldn’t really be a surprise as even today the majority of conventional medicines are still derived from, or synthetic copies of, plants. So what is the benefit of using a herbals instead of a synthetic one? Simply that by using the whole plant, we obtain the benefit of many thousands of chemical compounds in each plant and these work together in a synergistic natural way to provide a balanced and effective approach. Herbal supplements have very few side effects and yet soothe the symptoms while, perhaps even more importantly, dealing more effectively with the underlying cause as part of an holistic solution that can also be used for on-going management of dogs that are liable to these irritating skin problems.

Which products should I use?

Our Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets have been consistently one of our top selling products as they are multi-functional with many different benefits for our pets. Garlic contains natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory compounds as well as ajoene and allicin which are responsible for its potent antimicrobial activity. Fenugreek contains diosgenin, a compound used in the production of steroids. So all these benefits are contained within this one tablet and together they reduce irritation, clear up any minor skin infection and relieve the symptoms of skin conditions.

Naturally support your pet by soothing, cleansing and pH balancing properties of our Green Releaf® Tablets. With a powerful combination of specially selected whole green plants, these tablets can help to maintain healthy skin, particularly when it is sensitive. They can also be used to help maintain healthy joints and kidneys and as an aid for normal urination – things that older dogs often worry about.

How do I give herbal supplements?

These two tablets are most effective when given together and the dosage is the same for both of them. You start by giving the higher treatment dose for the first month of use and reduce to the lower maintenance dose afterwards. For severe cases start with 2 tablets daily for every 5kg of your dog’s weight but if the problem is less severe then 2 tablets for every 10kgs of body weight should be sufficient. After this initial treatment period and as improvement is noticed, reduce the dosage to half the quantity and continue with this lower maintenance dose for as long as you feel necessary. In some cases for dogs who are particularly susceptible to skin flare ups it is a good idea to continue with the maintenance dose indefinitely to help prevent a recurrence of the problem. Both tablets can be given alongside any conventional treatment and to dogs and cats from eight weeks of age.
For nearly 60 years this integrated approach to skin conditions has been shown to give a more permanent and sustainable relief for these problems, and so forms an important part of our Four Step Plan for Managing Skin Disorders.