martha_blogMy Irish Terrier Martha developed hundreds of small cysts from the nape of her neck to the root of her tail. Our vet had no suggestions for treatment unless they became infected, so we tried various remedies to no avail. At Crufts we visited Dorwest for toothpaste and noticed Evening Primrose Oil was recommended for ‘Skin & Coat’ and decided to give it a try. We are delighted to say that all her bumps have gone, the hair has returned and her skin is soft and supple again! We are continuing with the Evening Primrose Oil as there must be something in it that her system needs. We cannot tell you how pleased we are, as we could foresee that as she got older the condition would get more difficult to manage and would find her on continuous antibiotics to keep infection at bay. Our kind regards to you all at Dorwest Herbs.

– Paul, Jill & Martha Looker, Marlborough