Plastic free July

Dorwest is going greener!

Here at Dorwest, we’re as passionate about keeping our planet healthy as we are about keeping pets healthy. Which is why we are thrilled to be joining over 100 million people in more than 190 countries in making a difference by becoming plastic free.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that’s helping millions of people become more aware of their plastic waste. This also encourages people to take on the challenge of refusing single-use plastic for an entire month. With useful tips and tricks that not only keep you motivated during the challenge, but longer term too. It’s fantastic to see so many people around the world finding new ways to reduce their plastic waste and there are millions of business’ getting involved too!

To make sure that we are doing all that we can to reduce our environmental impact, we’re constantly making changes across the business. Thanks to our amazing Dispatch Manager Ashley, we are over the moon to be say Dorwest are 100% plastic free in our dispatch materials! So when you receive your Dorwest order, you can be rest assured that the packaging used is bio-degradable or can be put straight into your recycling bin.

Plastic free packaging
  • Bio-degradable shrink wrap and reduced usage.
  • Bio-degradable bubble wrap.
  • 100% plastic free mailing bags.
  • Any cardboard boxes accumulated are being re-used to send orders, and any cardboard waste is shredded with the new machinery to be used for lining boxes and protecting products during transit.
  • We have swapped our old plastic packing tape with an eco-paper or water gummed tape.
  • Our loose-fill packaging is made from corn starch rather than polystyrene (super cool stuff as it dissolves in water!)

This Spring, we introduced our NEW Shampoo Bars with 100% plastic free and fully recyclable packaging. Making them great for your pet and the planet too!

We have truly achieved the very important goal of making our delivery packaging plastic free. Best of all, our plastic tubs for our herbal supplements are made of HDPE and so are recyclable too.
From stationary holders to planters, our customers are always showing us their innovative and creative ways they like to re-use our tubs.

And that’s just packaging!  

It’s the small things can make a huge difference! Which is why we strive in all areas of the business to eradicate single use plastic…

  • Instead of using plastic milk bottles, we now have our milk delivered in glass bottles by a local company.
  • We don’t use plastic or paper cups in the office or staff rooms. Instead, we provide mugs and glasses which can be washed and re-used. Even all the soap dispensers throughout Dorwest are refillable.
  • We are even making our office paper free and transitioning to be fully digital!

We’re incredibly proud of our achievements this year and all our eco-friendly efforts but are always looking for ways to do more, so let us now if you have any ideas!

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