Before our vet researched new product was released, 43 dogs aged from 3 months up to 10 years took part in a trial. They were a variety of breeds including cross breeds. They were given the recommended dose of Omega Star daily for a minimum of 4 weeks and then completed a survey to feedback their results.


OmegaStar-Trial-results-01The owners described the new coat as being better quality, thicker and with more shine. Also  described as feeling as if it had just been washed. Depth of colour also was commented upon.  It took a few weeks to shed the older poorer quality coat which can be helped along by grooming well and then the new coat was evident.

OmegaStar-Trial-results-03Omega star is highly palatable, it can be easily mixed with the food with ease but many owners gave it direct into the mouth with a syringe or even in a saucer and the dogs were reported to eagerly lap it up!


In fact here is what some of the dog owners said about using Omega Star




Here is a reminder of the natural ingredients that make up this innovative new product, don’t forget Omega Star is available direct from us at or on the Dorwest showstand!