We all love watching the amazing nominees for the Friends for Life Award every year at Crufts, such incredible stories of friendship between an owner and their dog and the amazing difference their friendship has made to each other. We were all thrilled when we met nominee Rosie & Boo last year on the Dorwest stand as Boo is a proper #dorwestdog  So you can imagine that we were jumping up and down when we heard they were announced as the winners!

Rosie spared us some time in the run up to Crufts 2017 to answer a few questions..

What do you love most about Crufts / What do you most look forward to at Crufts?

The atmosphere! I get so excited, so much to see and I get so involved in the events it’s like I’m 10 years old waiting for Santa again!

What have you & Boo been up to since you won Crufts ‘Friends For Life’ award last year?

We’ve had a really great year! We’ve got a book in the works, we’ve attended some support groups to help provide support and we’ve moved to the countryside! Getting involved with Friends for Life at Crufts really ignited my passion to help others so I have also changed careers this year and am now a dog trainer for Canine Partners and am helping train the pups to be assistance dogs in the future.

Rosie Boo 2

How is Boo, has she coped with the fame?!

She’s fabulous thank you! It’s hard to think she’s going to be a senior dog this year (she’s coming up to 7). Bar a few grey hairs around her face (and even in her ears!) she plays so much, is super cheeky and tears around the place like she’s a pup! She gives my 2 year old Lurcher a run for his money! Boo has been absolutely amazing with all the interviews, the meetings and the travelling; she’s such a calm girl with it all and I’m so proud of her and what awareness she’s raised since Crufts.

 If you could recommend one Dorwest product what would it be and why?

Valerian Compound – it’s a miracle product! I use it leading up to days such as fireworks night, New Years etc when I know there will be fireworks as Boo has a heart condition it’s important to ensure she doesn’t get stressed by them (she hates the !). Also we live near the Salisbury Plains and occasionally there are tanks firing which sounds like an earthquake, the dogs hate the sound so I do a quick squirt in the mouth as an emergency dose (as it’s fast acting) and they’re all fast asleep on the sofa not even noticing the bangs within 15 mins! It’s been a lifesaver and I even used it leading up to a nerve wracking hospital trip!

What is your favourite Crufts memory?

Hearing our names being called out as the winners of Friends for Life. Having spent time with the other finalists I really didn’t expect us to win and I was over the moon when we did. It was the best experience of my life and I smile every day when I look at the trophy. Having so many women speak to me and say how our story has given them the confidence to seek help has meant so much and it’s what we set out to do.

What plans do you & Boo have in the coming year?

Rosie Boo 1We’re going to get the book done for sure! We are also going to continue helping the support groups and take some mini breaks; Boo loves the beach so I plan to spend lots of lovely summer evenings at the beach and really making the most of our time together as with Boo’s heart condition being degenerative I never really know if this year will be her last. Boo spent last summer at the British Flyball Championships where her team got 1st so she deserves some weekends at the beach! I’d also like to get involved in some more charity work and help raise awareness for ectopic pregnancy, PTSD and show how dogs can help transform our lives for the better.

We are delighted to announce that Rosie & Boo will be on the Dorwest stand at Crufts on Sunday from midday, so do come by and say hi!

Here is a link to Rosie & Boo’s story from the competition last year

Rosie & Boo’s Story