This time of year has always been a potentially scary and stressful time for your pet with noisy Firework displays around Bonfire Night.  But since Halloween has grown significantly in popularity over recent years, this adds a whole other problem.

Remember dogs don’t know Halloween is just a bit of light hearted fun, to them it is lots of people dressed in strange clothes, often with masks covering their faces accompanied by noise and sometimes flashing lights and other props! potentially quite traumatising.

Dogs or cats may already be feeling a little on edge from a bangs and whizzes starting to start in the evening, then suddenly this happens as well.  More visitors are knocking at the door, which in itself can upset the more territorial dogs let alone with all the other factors of noise and costumes mixed in.

It is really important to remember to walk your dog before dark when the ‘trick or treaters’ start wandering around.  Please do keep your dog on a lead and keep hold of it nice and tightly with your dog under control, dogs can easily be frightened by people in costumes and  could potentially react aggressively through fear.

Also provide them with a cosy bed area well away from the front door and windows. Remember to increase the dose of Scullcap & Valerian Tablets on these days to 2 tablets per 5kg bodyweight daily. It is best to split the dose between the morning and evening and the evening dose should be given around 2 hours before sunset.  Keep Valerian Compound on hand for emergencies! Buy now from our online shop


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