Trial Study

Before the launch of Omega Star it was tested by a study group of dogs, these were a variety of breeds from every group and from youngsters through to veterans, from working dogs to pet dogs through to top winning show dogs!

A few of their owners felt so strongly about using the product they wanted to share their story with you.

Inca the RottieInca after

Inc is a 9 year old Rottweiler and his owner decided to trial Omega Star on him as his coat had become a little duller recently. He is owned by Diane and John Allen and handled at shows by Jodi, his pedigree name is CH/JSY CH Hikays the Monster is Loose at Jodipas JW ShCM

Handler Jodi said “We noticed a change in Inc roughly about 3 weeks into using Omega Star when we bathed and blasted him ready for Southern Counties Dog Show. His coat is in a completely different condition since using your product.

He’s just started to moult but the coat that he is moulting is strong harsh coat not the usual fluffy coat you normally get out and he still has a shine on him rather then the dull black you normally get when the rotts moult.

We are so pleased with how he’s looking and can guarantee we will be one of the first outside the stand at Windsor Championship Dog Show and I’m proud to say Inc is a Dorwest Dog and I will be using this product on all our show dogs”