The 8th August is International Cat Day, a day to celebrate our independent, adventurous and inquisitive feline friends. When it comes to supporting cats health, we pretty much have it all covered – from their joint to urinary health, to dental and coat care. While nearly our entire range of products can be used in cats, there are some which are better to support their specific needs.


Balancing along a fence, an impressive jump, a lazy stretch, all vital movements to a cat’s everyday life. Their joint health and mobility go hand in hand and joint problems are relatively common among cats, especially as they get older. Cats are susceptible to joint wear and tear, but they are masters at hiding pain, so you won’t always know that they are struggling. Using a high-quality joint supplement for your cat, such as our JointWell® Tablets, which can help to support their long-term joint health and promote mobility.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that cat anxiety isn’t common; these independent, sometimes solitary animals can appear fearless – we all know someone with both a cat and dog and the cat always wears the trousers! However, cats can often find new situations quite challenging, resulting in anxiousness and marking in male cats. Our Valerian Compound is ideal for cats, as an easy to administer fast-acting liquid for natural calming action, with no sedation. How can you tell if your cat is scared or anxious? Click here to read more on our blog.


Urinary problems in cats are common, including kidney disease, stones and cystitis, so supporting their urinary health is especially important. With a powerful combination of whole green plants, our Green Releaf® Tablets help to promote mild water loss, helping to maintain normal urine flow and pH balance.


Good dental hygiene is vital for a healthy mouth, but brushing your cat’s teeth might not always be the most enticing prospect! Our Fragaria 3C can be a great option. It helps to slow down the formation of tartar, and softens existing tartar. Cats can also be prone to gingivitis so our Pulsatilla 15C can be useful to soothe the mouth, throat and tender gums.

Skin & Coat

Our Evening Primrose Oil is the purr-fect choice for a glossy, healthy coat and nourished skin. Naturally high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), it helps to reduce scurfiness and dryness to maintain healthy skin and coat condition.

We know it’s not always easy to give supplements to cats, especially if they are in tablet form. Thankfully, all of our tablets can be crushed and be added to food or treats. We even have a handy pill crusher, which makes light work of administration! Read more in our blog, How to give supplements to pets.

If you have a query about which of our products will best suit your cat, our experienced customer service team are always on hand to advise. Call 01308897272 or email [email protected].