Summer thunderstorms and noises   The downside of this hot weather is that inevitably when it eventually breaks we get some violent thunderstorms and these can be scary for our pets. As we don’t have these storms regularly most pets, especially young ones, find the noises and lightning flashes disturbing as it is not something they come across very often, although some cope quite well when they become accustomed to them. It is quite understandable that dogs and cats are apprehensive about what these noises mean but also quite difficult to anticipate when storms may occur or to accustomise pets to them.
The most important type of help is for the owner or handler to give continual reassurance as dogs will quickly learn that if the owner is not concerned then there is nothing for them to worry about.
Keep your pet indoors during a storm and in a safe place where it will feel secure. Give a toy or a treat to take their mind off what is going on outside and playing a game with them will distract from the fear as well as keeping them occupied and so less worried. Sometimes this alone is not enough and even with the greatest amount of reassurance some dogs will still feel unsure and unsettled which if ignored can lead to a permanent nervousness. As ever, prevention is better than cure, so if you are expecting thunderstorms it is advisable to give Scullcap & Valerian tablets, to keep your dog or cat feeling calmer, more relaxed and so not frightened by the bangs and flashes. Give 2 tablets for every 5kgs of your pet’s weight about two hours before the storm is due. Sometimes of course there will be no warning of a storm and in this case our Organic Valerian Compound is ideal as it is very quick acting in these situations and will reduce stress and fear.

Barbecue dangers   With many of us ‘firing’ up the barbecue once the summer arrives, it’s best to be aware of the risk to your pets. Make sure any leftover food and rubbish is thrown away, a common problem in particular is when dogs eat cooked bones or corn on the cob. Both of these items can lead to serious blockages and compaction in the digestive system. It is best to keep these leftovers away from your pets even if they try their best begging techniques. Some dogs and cats can also get upset stomachs from eating new foods especially fatty or heavily marinated barbecue food. If your pet does show signs of a digestive upset give Tree Barks Powder to help soothe the digestive tract and get the stomach back to normal. Obviously also be careful of the heat from barbecues and make sure they are positioned in such a way that your pet cannot get burned. Barbecue lighting fluid is also a danger so keep this safely away and out of reach. Then just enjoy the barbecue !

Sunburn   Many light skinned or lightly coated dogs can suffer from sunburn due to their lack of protection from the sun. The areas that are most likely to be burnt are around the mouth the top of the muzzle and ears and belly. There are several good quality sunscreens available for pets and these can be very effective. However as prevention is always better than cure, ensure your dog has a shady place to retreat and try to keep them away from sunlight especially during the hottest part of the day.