This season saw two new additions to the Dorwest family in the form of our new Trade Stand Managers – Heather and Kyle. After spending a couple of months training with the rest of Dorwest down in Dorset they were with us for Crufts and since then they’ve been out on the road taking our trade stand to Open and Championship Shows across the UK! Here’s your chance to learn a bit more about them as we give them the “10 Questions” treatment…. Heather Kyle

1. Why did you join the Dorwest team?

H & K: When we became aware of this job being advertised working for Dorwest, it was a no brainer! The company and its staff have such a good reputation and as Dorwest customers we were already passionate about the products.

2. Tell us a bit about your previous working background?

H: My previous working background is all in customer service. I spent sometime working in the Railway sector before moving into more dog related roles. I believe in making a difference through service so that our customers choose to come back.

K: I did both my degrees in the product development field and my working background is mainly in development and design. I think this will put me in a good position to not only promote the current Dorwest range but to see where new opportunities lie, and in turn to solve customers needs with new and innovative products.

3. What new role have you taken and how will you make a difference?

H & K: Our new role is ‘Trade Stand Managers’ and along with the expertise of the whole Dorwest Team we aim to improve consumer awareness by promoting Dorwest products to enhance pet health and well-being, by being committed, enthusiastic and approachable.

4. What do you see as your biggest challenges at Dorwest

H & K: Taking over a role which, in the last 44 years has been held by two people!! Tony for 23 years followed by Brian & Carmel for 21 years, it isn’t going to be an easy task but a challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it, and this is a challenge we are looking forward to!

5. What pets do you have?

H & K: We have German Wirehaired & Shorthaired Pointers, our Wirehairs are Shim & Owley and are 12 & 4, and Trev is our Shorthaired who is 5 months old.

6. What trends are you seeing in the pet industry? 

H & K: Raw feeding and other more natural based diets have been on the rise for a few years but have recently had an incredible surge. Owners are becoming more ‘savvy’ in their purchases, so the likes of ‘gourmet’ pet food rather than the more conventional kibble has become popular. As the Dorwest product range is so versatile, many Dorwest products, such as Keeper’s Mix® lend themselves to these more popular diets.

7. What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

H: I’m sure my parents would agree that I was the ‘Perfect Child’ and never got into trouble when growing up…..

K: My Dad was in the army so I went to Boarding School for most of my childhood, this meant that there was always lots of other kids around therefore always someone else to blame!

8. At Dorwest we talk a lot about dogs and cats body parts, what’s your favourite body part? 

H: This is an easy answer for me! My skin…but only when it’s covered in fake tan!!!

K: I’d like to say my huge bicep muscles but that’s not true! I don’t really have a favourite body part, but I do have odd toes, two of them are slightly webbed!!

9. What do you do to switch off/relax?

H: There’s no better way to switch off and relax than with a glass or two of Villa Maria!

K: Movies and sport! I love a good movie! And sport, any sport, I can talk all day about sport!

10. How does Dorwest stay ahead of the game?

H: By keeping an insight into modern trends while still relating to the consumer who has supported the company for years and are valued customers.

K: That’s an easy one…listening and honesty. Dorwest has always been good at listening to their customers’ needs which allow them to find solutions to their problems. Then, honesty, Dorwest has been a trusted company by many people for over half a century and the marketing term ‘word of mouth’ speaks wonders when so many people speak highly of their products to fellow pet owners.