When Finn first arrived at Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue in Cornwall, we thought he would die within days.

He had a massive skin infection due to a flea allergy, ear infections and was extremely underweight as well as having muscle wastage and arthritis in his back legs. He was rushed to the vet, who diagnosed a grade 3 heart murmur and the infections. He immediately started veterinary treatment to help with his problems. I also contacted Dorwest Herbs for advice as I use their products on my Greyhound. They very kindly donated some Green Releaf® and Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets to help with Finn’s conditions. He has steadily improved and his fur is growing back very quickly. The tablets from Dorwest Herbs have helped his infections and his arthritis. He now runs around happily with other dogs and is much healthier and certainly stronger, as I realise when he is on a lead! His recovery has been amazing and it is a privilege to help this amazing boy. I truly believe that without Dorwest Herb’s generosity, Finn would not be as happy and healthy today. Sue Hartley, Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue, Cornwall