Dog lovers of the world, rejoice at last – after two long years, Crufts 2022 is here! We’re going to be there and we hope you will too. To help you maximise your time at the most prestigious event in the dog calendar, we thought we’d share our insider’s guide, packed full of tips for Crufts 2022. Wondering what to see? What to do? We’ll help you plan it all. Read on to find out more…


Crufts has been around since 1891, so they certainly know how to put on a great show for the hundreds of thousands of visitors and 20,000 competitors which the Crufts dog show attracts nowadays. Will you be one of them? If so, it’s time to synchronise your diaries…

From the 10th-13th March, Birmingham NEC will be home to Crufts 2022. This gives you an opportunity to choose from four days to attend, or maybe you’ll go for the full length of the show? We wouldn’t blame you, there really is so much to see and do. From shopping to scruffs, dog display teams to traditional showing, all of it can be found under one roof. Doors open from 8.15am until 6.30pm.

There are excellent parking facilities, including a shuttle bus to the arena, as well as fantastic public transport links. While normally very well organised, the event does get busy, so makes sure you factor in plenty of travel time, whichever mode of transport you choose.

You may be tempted to bring your own dog, but please don’t unless you’re competing, have a service dog or have a specific invitation to attend with your four-legged friend. You won’t be allowed to attend if so. The event is really busy and it just wouldn’t be suitable for everyone to bring their dogs. Instead, you can bring home some lovely treats, natural supplements for dogs and plenty of fuss on your return.

Visit the event’s website to find general information about Crufts 2022.


If you’ve never been to Crufts, each of the four days focuses on the showing of specific breed groups. So, if you’re a big fan of a particular breed and wish to view the showing arenas, this might help you decide which day to select. The days are as follows:

Day One: Working and Pastoral

Day Two: Terrier and Hound

Day Three: Utility and Toy

Day Four: Gundog

Day Four also culminates with the winners and runners up of each of the four groups competing to be crowned Best In Show – the pinnacle of the event. As you can imagine, this is generally the busiest day of the event. If you prefer less hustle and bustle, then we’d recommend attending on one of the weekdays which tend to be a little quieter.

A breakdown of what’s on each of the days can be found on the Crufts 2022 website, which might help you narrow down your day of choice.


So, you’ve got all the key facts you’ll need when visiting Crufts 2022, now let us share some of our insider tips for you.

Keep your feet and arms happy

Everyone who’s ever been to Crufts will tell you this, but we thought it was important we share it with you too. You will do a lot of walking at Crufts 2022, a lot! So, we would strongly recommend you wear footwear which you know will be comfortable and will provide your feet with excellent support. Your feet can thank us later!

It’s not only your feet you need to look after. Your arms will do a lot of work during Crufts as you buy (and carry!) gifts for your four-legged friend. If you’re buying a large item (such as a dog bed) it’s always worth asking the brand if you can leave it with them until it’s time for you to go. Make sure you leave plenty of time to get back to the Hall to collect it at the end of your visit though.

Come prepared with suitable bags which can fit plenty of items (including your favourite Dorwest Herbs products) too. You’ll often spot a lot of savvy dog owners with bags on wheels, which you might also want to consider. Keep your eyes peeled for these types of bags though, whether you bring your own or not, as they can be easy to trip over amongst the crowds.

Save, save, save

In the run-up to the Crufts dog show, we’d recommend setting aside some of your money as you’re definitely going to be tempted to shop till you drop. Good news is that many of your favourite brands offer special show discounts during the event! Even some of your favourite herbal pet care brands will have some discounts available…

So, if there’s something which has been on your dog’s wish list, now might be the best time to secure it.

Create a must-have/must-see list

Oh, there are so many temptations at Crufts 2022! Try to be very clear about what you intend to buy before you arrive. It’s so easy to be swayed and before you know it, you’ll blink and find you’ve already spent your budget. We’ve all been there! Making a list of you and your dog’s essentials certainly helps keep your focus and ensures you leave with exactly what you want (possibly a few extras too!).

As well as the shopping and showing, there are an abundance of displays from dog groups to watch too. For example, watching dogs move at the speed of light as they compete in their teams in Flyball! The atmosphere is always electric watching them go. There’s also the fun of dog agility. Some of you may fondly remember 2020 when rescue dog Kratu carried one of the jumping poles away rather than jumping over it! Narrow down your must-see list of displays on at Crufts 2022 by visiting their website.

New brands

As well as your firm favourites, you’ll find so many new dog brands during your time at Crufts 2022. Trust us, you will not remember them all afterwards! Consider making a note of your favourites in your phone as you go, so you don’t forget them later. Or if you have social media, why not follow your new faves while you’re there? This way you can keep in contact with them after the big day. If you don’t already, this is your cue to follow Dorwest Herbs!

Have a meet-up point

Have you met dog friends online? Crufts could be a great opportunity to finally meet them in person. Why not organise a meet up with some of them in advance so you don’t miss one another? Remember, the NEC is huge! We’d recommend setting up a specific meet-up point as it will be very tricky to find them across all of the Halls otherwise. It’s also good to have a rendezvous point, in case you should lose your party.

Make the most of the experts

Do you have any big questions which might help you with your dog? We’d recommend compiling a list of some burning questions in advance. You can then try to gather the answers you’re looking for while you’re there. The Discover Dogs area can be particularly helpful for this as they showcase over 200 dog breeds. Your favourite brands also offer an abundance of tips and advice, so utilise them too when you meet them. Crufts really does offer a great opportunity to access some of the leading experts from the dog world.

If you have any questions about natural supplements for dogs or other herbal pet care, then come and visit Dorwest Herbs and we will be happy to help.

Don’t be afraid to go on your own

Obviously, it’s always enjoyable to attend events with loved ones and friends but don’t let it stop you if they’re not available to come along. As you’ve hopefully already discovered, the dog world are a friendly bunch and you’ll find so many others to speak to and enjoy Crufts 2022 with, should you want to. Plus, you’ll be so busy moving across all the Halls and watching everything, you may appreciate some quiet time afterwards!

Factor in some rest afterwards

You will be surging with happy endorphins during the show but trust us, you will feel exhausted the following day! You’ll have covered so many miles and spoken to so many people, you will be extremely tired (happy tired!). Factor in a quiet day after you’ve attended Crufts 2022. It’s a great opportunity to snuggle up with your dog, enjoy their company and reflect on your time at the event.


Amongst all the activities available at Crufts, there really are amazing opportunities to mix with your favourite brands. We hope Dorwest Herbs are one of yours! Our stand is at its usual spot in Hall 4 Stand 72 where we will have an exclusive offer of 15% off everything plus freebies with every purchase. You might have spoken to us on the phone or seen us on our socials but come and meet some of the Dorwest team in person for a good old chat. We’d love to see you! There will be plenty of advice on herbal pet care on offer and some very special show deals. We’d love to hear how herbal supplements for dogs have been working for you & your dog.


You might not be able to make it this year, but this doesn’t mean you need to miss out. There’s plenty of television coverage on Channel 4 and More4 or listen in on the Kennel Club podcast. Some of your favourite brands may also offer show deals away from the event, so make sure you keep up with their social media (including ours!) so you and your dog can still reap the benefits.

Wherever you’re enjoying Crufts dog show 2022, we hope you have the most wonderful experience and enjoy celebrating all things dog. We can’t wait!!

Our team are experts in herbal pet care and natural supplements for dogs and are more than happy to help. Contact us on +44 (0) 1308 897 272. Alternatively, email us at or fill out our online contact form.