VIVA_Web_1As the weekend and Saturday arrives many people will be in their element shopping at Crufts 2016, but it’s also the Working groups time to take to the stage.  This group is often known by many for their size and stature and include the impressive Great Danes, Newfoundland’s and Bullmastiffs. Also in the working group are Dobermanns. We caught up with Victoria and Josh with their Dobermann Viva to see what life is like living with the breed and how they keep them in the best condition. Viva has many nicknames including ‘The Special one’ & ‘Roouisance’, – she was called Roo as a puppy and you can probably guess where ‘uisance’ came from!

Jojavik Dobermanns was started by Jackie & Victoria Ingram and they have owned the breed for 22 years. The main reason they chose the Dobermann was for their intelligence, their character & over exuberant personality. They are a breed that is always full of energy, as well as being athletic and so beautiful to look at. There is nothing the Dobermann enjoys more than human companionship as they are an extremely loyal and obedient guardian.

Viva ‘CH JOJAVIK POISON IVY JW SHCM’ is the UK Top Winning Dobermann for 2015 and one of the youngest Dobermann champions in history – she has far exceeded our expectations in the show ring. Viva loves going to the shows and meeting up with all her canine friends and admirers. She likes to be known as ‘The special one’ as she’s a bit of a ‘Diva’ when it comes to wanting things her way – and of course she has quickly learnt that “show time” is treat time too !!

EPO100At home her daily routine is free running in our garden with her mum, sister & other family members, but she also enjoys her sessions in our Hydro Physio water treadmill that keeps her in tip top condition. Viva benefits from a range of beauty products from Dorwest Herbs including Evening Primrose Oil and is given this daily to keep her coat ultra shiny. Another product includes Keepers Mix to maintain her coat condition. She also has a regular use of JointWell® Tablets, which keeps her supple and helps with her joint care and maintenance.

Dog showing is a fun hobby where you get to meet up with friends who are like-minded, can share stories, discuss and admire other peoples dogs. Over the years many great friendships are made, but the best part is you get to show-off how well you look after your dogs and what beautiful condition they are kept in. With help from Dorwest products we get Viva & our other Dobermanns looking good and feeling great.

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