Photo 22-02-2016, 10 26 52The last day of Crufts 2016 is always a busy shopping day and sees the Terrier Group arrive. A small yet strong hardy group of dogs originally thought to be bred for hunting vermin and some used in combat such as the Airedale and Yorkshire Terrier but also a firm family favourite, they Border Terrier just like our Dr Monkey. Another breed in the Terrier Group is the Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier originally bred in Ireland for over two hundred years as an all-purpose farm dog. So we caught up with ‘Rodney’ and his young owner Will about what’s life like for Rodney as a #dorwestdog.

Over the years we have used many of the Dorwest products achieving great results, our favourite three products are as follows: Evening Primrose Oil Capsules – rich in Omega 6 we have found these capsules help enormously to keep our Soft – coated wheaten terrier’s skin in great condition and his coat luxurious.

Winter-Essentials-BlogGarlic & Fenugreek Tablets – we use on a regular basis to boost our dogs immune system as it is known to provide symptomatic relief from minor infections – an additional bonus the garlic element of the product provides is it helps to keep fleas at bay which means his skin and coat are in tip – top condition.

Keepers Mix® – We use this herbal blend on a regular basis as we feel it provides an “all round” tonic for our terrier. We believe keepers mix helps support his overall well- being in a gentle natural way.

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a perfect family dog. Loves the attention and fun. Only wants to please and keep you happy. Sometimes we think he is not the brightest of dogs but he always keeps us entertained. Ours believes he is part Elkhound.

Grooming a Wheaten can be easy but can be very time consuming, particularly when they are young but looking after it produces an amazing looking coat. Combing them through every day doesn’t take long but makes sure it is kept tidy. They seem to enjoy having baths, and doesn’t take very long, leaving them to dry naturally. Trimming a Wheaten takes time to learn and courage too to make the initial trim, but you can make them look ‘picture perfect’. Seeking help from those who have had the breed as to what are the do’s and dont’s is the best advice I was given.

Rodney loves to make you laugh and is always the “Class Clown” but we do sometimes wonder “What is going through head”. He always wants to take part in family games, whether out and about with us or simply in the house playing with young puppies, he never fails to surprise us and keep us on our toes. You can do anything with Rodney, he simply wants to be part of your adventure.

We at Whittimere have been showing dogs since the 1970’s, over eighty combined years of showing experience between us all but every time we enter the ring its just like the first. Dog showing isn’t all about the winning. I love going to shows just to see people and have a laugh. Dog showing is to have fun, whether you win or lose, being in the right company with great friends is what its about to me. Our dogs love to be in the ring with us, and I love to be in there with them. Win or lose, we always take the best dog home.