We’re almost done! Here’s our penultimate blog where we “Meet the Team” before Crufts 2016. Our resident Herbal Expert and founding Director Mary Boughton answers the questions this time!

Name: Mary BoughtonMary & Monkey_edit

Position/Job Role: Quality Control Director

Nickname: (Not saying, it’s too embarassing!)

Favourite product to recommend: The one that’s right for the pet’s problem!  A bit of a cop out that, but recommending  the right product and hearing of the results is a real pleasure.

What pets do you own: Dr Monkey, Border Terrier of great age (14.5 years) who was the Dorwest mascot for many years.

Most rewarding part of the job: The satisfaction of knowing that my work in making sure that only use the very best quality ingredients means that the products work so effectively and have helped so many dogs.

Expertise: Dealing with regulations and assessing quality and effectiveness of our herbal ingredients.

Greatest achievement: Being awarded an MBE by the Queen and two Lifetime Achievement Awards (which must mean I’m now getting VERY old)

Hobbies: Walking in the countryside with Dr Monkey and getting away for a spa day as often as possible.

Bad Habits: Depends on who you ask…..