As your pet ages, changes occur across their body. Their coat may start to grey, their joints may become stiff, their hearing and sight may worsen, and their cognitive function may decline. It’s often the last which can be one of the most distressing for dogs and their owners.

While cognitive decline occurs in all pets as they age, the decline will be accelerated in some. This is often termed canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCD), or ‘doggy dementia’, and is surprisingly common – thought to affect nearly 1 in 3 dogs over the age of 11.1  

What are the signs of cognitive decline?

  • memory loss
  • restlessness
  • agitation
  • disorientation
  • altered behaviour and sleep
  • increased barking
  • house-soiling

It’s easy to see how it can really impact the quality of life for the whole family.

While unfortunately there is no cure for cognitive decline, there are ways you can help support your senior pet such as maintaining routines, increasing toilet trips, and remembering to be patient and kind to them.

Herbal support

BrainCopa® Tablets can help to support your pet through cognitive decline, alongside other factors like: keeping to a routine, avoiding sudden changes and making your home easy for your pet to navigate.

the unique and powerful formulation helps to keep your pet’s mind agile by promoting normal brain and mental function with a range of scientifically proven ingredients, including:

Bacopa monnieri – a herb long used in Ayurvedic medicine as a ‘brain tonic’ and powerful antioxidant to support the central nervous system, memory and cognitive function.

DHA powder – shown to support cognitive function in older pets as vital for brain development and ongoing function, also well-tolerated and readily absorbed.

The unique formulation also includes: lemon balm, traditionally used to aid those with sleep disturbances, ginkgo biloba, used in traditional Chinese medicine as rich in anti-oxidants. And Vitamin E, helping to support optimal memory and aiding DHA uptake in the brain.

BrainCopa® provides targeted multi-action support to help keep your pet mentally agile well into their golden years.

BrainCopa® Tablets For Dogs & Cats BrainCopa® Tablets For Dogs & Cats
Helps maintain brain health and mental agility, for older pets

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References: 1 MacQuiddy et al. (2022)
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