Christmas is traditionally a time for festivities, food and family. Most pet owners also like to spoil their dogs and cats a little bit too.  But as nice as this is, it is always good to be aware of things that may cause them harm. We have compiled this list to help your Christmas be a safe one for your pets.

Chocolate positioning is one of the most common culprits among dogs. It can also be toxic to cats, rabbits and rodents too. The toxic component is a substance called theobromine. Dark chocolate is higher in theobromine than milk chocolate, and to cause poisoning amounts can vary.

Cooked Bones are a common problem with dogs and cats around the festive period as many families are cooking roast dinners. Don’t be tempted to feed the bones to the dogs or cats as once a bone is cooked it can become very indigestible. In some case this can cause a blockage or splinter in the stomach which can result in an operation to have them removed. Another tip is to avoid giving to many fatty foods or off cuts to your dog as too much can upset stomachs.

Grapes, raisins, currents and sultanas can cause kidney failure in dogs. Some dogs can tolerate small amounts and others can be affected after just a few. So it’s best to keep those Mince pies and Christmas puddings for yourself and the family and not the dogs.

Festive Plants can also be a risk to your pets. The most common are Holly, Mistletoe berries and Poinsettia. In most cases small amounts are not fatal they can tend to cause hyper salivation, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Stressed out – Many pets get a bit stressed if there home is invaded by extra people during the festivities. If you have some Scullcap & Valerian Tablets or Valerian Compound it’s a good idea to give your pet a dose before friends and family arrive. Another great tip is to make an area where the pet can escape, somewhere peaceful and away from all the hustle and bustle.  If you make a quiet area why not have some fun and decorate it into your pets own Santa’s Grotto (ensure you use pet friendly decorations of course).