Omega Star has made a big impression in a very short time, we were thrilled to hear from Connie’s owners about how she got on after just 1 month on the new product.  This is what they had to say…

Connie is a 3 year old female, she has been lightly shown due to the difficulty in keeping the brown/tan coat in excellent condition, especially after seasons, hormones and coat shedding times. How pleased we were to have the opportunity to trial this new product.

The difference it has made to her condition is clearly evident in the depth of coat colour and texture. Results were quickly seen, her skin was less flaky and no visible signs of scurf.

Omega Star is the easiest of products to administer , it was just added to her evening meal.

All that remains for me to say is in the trial period of one month Connie gained her remaining last 2CCs to make her a UK Champion ( subject to KC approval)

We are over the moon.

Thank you Dorwest Herbs for yet another initiative product, that works !!!

Jackie & Connie Ingram

Connie after 2_blog

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