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Like humans, our pets can experience common issues with their dental hygiene if their teeth and gums are not regularly maintained. Left untreated, dental hygiene issues can be both painful for them and expensive for you. The good news is there are a number of small, consistent dental care actions you can take to help with their dental hygiene!

Roast Dinner Toothpaste - 200g Roast Dinner Toothpaste - 200g
Roast Dinner Toothpaste is a professionally formulated veterinary toothpaste for dogs and cats.


Fragaria 3C - 15ml Liquid Fragaria 3C - 15ml Liquid
To soften and aid the removal of tartar on encrusted teeth and to slow down and prevent the formation of new plaque deposits.


Roast Dinner Toothpaste
Your pet will love this tasty toothpaste, specifically developed alongside veterinary professionals. The low- foaming and gentle formulation cleans teeth without damaging enamel

Fragaria 3C
One of our best-selling homoeopathics and now in our NEW liquid formulation!
To soften and aid the removal of tartar on encrusted teeth and to slow down and prevent the formation of new plaque deposits. A natural way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy

Common dental health & hygiene issues

Plaque & Tartar If you’ve seen inside your pet’s mouth, you may have seen what appears to be brown staining on their teeth. This is, in fact, likely to be a build-up of plaque & tartar. By removing plaque, you can prevent gum disease which leads to gingivitis in pets.

Bad Breath This is probably the most well-known dental issue. Many of us have been on the receiving end of our pet’s smelly breath (dog breath). Sometimes this is caused by little ‘treats’ they’ve decided to chew during walkies but chronic bad breath can be a sign of other issues which need investigating, such as gingivitis, which is caused by gum disease.

Breed Some pets are more prone to canine dental issues than others due to their breed. This is often due to the shape of their face, such as sighthounds or flat-faced breeds. For example, teeth overcrowding can lead to a build-up of food which can lead to gum disease.

Mouth Injuries These are caused by foreign bodies, like a stone, which could crack teeth or sticks which could cut the inside of the mouth. If left untreated, this can lead to infection. Perhaps bringing your dog’s own toys such as tennis balls on walks may help deter them from picking up things which may cause them harm and prevent any dental issues.

How to brush your pet’s teeth

Creating a regular dental care routine for your pet can certainly help keep their mouth and teeth in tip top condition! Here’s Jo & Betsy to show you how you can start your own dental routine for your pet…

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