Wheatgerm Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats

  • Skin & Coat
  • Hormones & Reproduction
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This natural source of antioxidant vitamin E can be given all year round to mop up harmful free radicals formed as a by-product of everyday metabolism.  Free radicals damage cells so ensuring that there is a plentiful supply of vitamin E to scavenge and protect, is invaluable. Important for the healthy function of skin, coat and the nervous system, vitamin E is widely used to help maintain fertility and a healthy reproductive system in both male and female animals.

Ingredients: Wheatgerm oil 278mg, obtained from non-genetically modified sources. Gelatin, Glycerin

Dosage/Administration: 1 capsule per 10kgs bodyweight daily, but see further instructions regarding breeding/mating animals.

Can be uses during pregnancy?: Yes

Can be used during lactation?: Yes

Interactions: Can be used in conjunction with other medicines. Although not recommended to be given alongside Cod Liver Oil as the benefits of both oils may be reduced, however use of the two oils can be done on alternate days to provide a range of benefits.

Product Finishing: Capsule

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