70 years and counting! 1948-2018

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We’ve turned 70 and our birthday celebrations will start during Cruft’s at the NEC which will also be our 45th year at the world’s largest dog show! It is incredible to think that seven decades ago Murray & Dorothy Ellis, the first generation and founders of Dorwest Herbs, where pulling together their initial ideas for

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All about Glucosamine and Chondroitin tablets

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A glucosamine supplement can be especially relevant for dogs where movement and suppleness of the connective tissues and cartilage may be compromised due to normal wear and tear that happens with age or through injury. There is no doubt that this is a popular and beneficial supplement, but there has always been some concern as to

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6 reasons why your dog may smell and how you can help

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‘Can you stop my dog smelling…. of dog?!’ It almost sounds like a joke, however this is quite a common problem our advisors get asked. Now we all expect our dogs to smell a little and of course that is entirely natural and it is certainly not realistic to completely stop your dog having any

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What supplements should I add to my dog’s raw diet?

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As the popularity of raw feeding grows and many dog owners are seeing and noticing the benefits of feeding their dog a raw natural diet. Our team of advisors are often asked: “What supplements should I add to my dog’s raw diet?” So using our 65 years of experience, here are our very best recommendations!

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What is Keepers Mix supplement and why should I feed it to my dog?

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  Keepers Mix is a unique blend of 8 herbs, originally formulated by a Dorset gamekeeper and kennel man, but brought up to date by Dorwest Herbs using the benefit of modern herbal knowledge and utilising scientific methods to guarantee the purity and quality of the ingredients so as to ensure maximum overall health benefits. 

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How herbal products can help noise phobic pets

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Why is my dog scared of loud noises? Anyone with adequate hearing can respond to noises, and loud ones make us all jump! Dogs and cats have far more sensitive hearing than us humans. They can hear noises we cannot, and certain sounds may appear louder or unusual if they do not know what is

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5 reasons why Tree Barks Powder soothes poorly tums!

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Digestive issues in your dog (or cat) can vary from the occasional windy or gurgly tummy to diarrhoea, pancreatic insufficiency or something more serious.  The most important point is if you are at all concerned please visit a veterinary professional for their expert advice. This will allow anything serious to be diagnosed, treated or even

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How you can help your dog through a phantom pregnancy

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Phantom pregnancy is a condition which is a tiresome one for the owner as well as the dog.  Bitches who suffer from this can often go on to experience it at every subsequent season.  You often will notice the obvious physical symptoms such as milk production and swollen teats. But also sometimes emotional symptoms too

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Garlic – It’s history, usage and queries over toxicity

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We all know garlic so well that it seems almost irrelevant to need to talk more about it, but although it’s a commonly recognised food ingredient, not everyone knows its other properties, and then of course there is the question owners ask us about whether it really is safe to give to dogs. So this

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Helping in the treatment of Epilepsy in dogs and cats

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Epilepsy is the most common long-term neurological disorder seen in dogs affecting around 50,000 canines in the UK and many cats as well.  It is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain but very often the reason for this is unknown and this is then diagnosed as idiopathic epilepsy.  There are various types of

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