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Dorwest are here to help during Fireworks season

No sooner is the summer turning to autumn are we are busy planning for Bonfire Night and the whole ‘ fireworks season’ this time of year can be especially stressful for pets and humans alike. If your dog suffers from even a mild noise phobia the months of October and November can be filled with unexpected pops, whizzes and bangs. What’s more this can continue towards Christmas and New Year taking in Halloween and Diwali along the way.

Never fear though Dorwest are here to help – over the coming weeks we will be sharing with you our top tips, and those of top UK Behaviourist and Dog Trainer Karen Wild, in a series of blogs and videos to help you and your pet have your calmest November yet.

When trying to do the best for your pet during the fireworks season it is important to consider a number of factors, dependent on the severity of their reaction to loud and unexpected noises. We’re going to cover all the major areas over the coming weeks through a series of blog posts, handy infographics on social media and don’t forget our ‘Firework Combo’  packs that brings together our unique licensed veterinary medicine, Scullcap & Valerian Tablets, and Organic Valerian Compound.

Fireworks Countdown


Fireworks Countdown – click here to read the blog!

Is there any good news if your pet is one that becomes stressed and unhappy around Fireworks season?

The answer is yes! There are lot so things we can do in preparation to settle them down, so here is an easy-to-achieve 3-2-1 countdown. You still have plenty of time, to let’s get (quietly) cracking.

Read Karen’s blog about the Fireworks countdown to find out more about her 3-2-1 countdown to helping your pet.

Don’t Panic


Don’t Panic – click here to read this blog

Is it too late to do anything about your dog or cat now that the season is upon us? It may be that you didn’t realise that they would be affected until the first bangs and whizzes exploded outside your home.

Fear not – in the second of Karen Wild’s blogs she runs through the things you can do to support your pet if you get taken by surprise by your pet’s reaction.

Click here to read this blog.

Get Social

We will also be sharing lots of handy infographics, tips and tricks and fabulous video content throughout the season to help you have the calmest November yet. So make sure you Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We will also be running our weekly “Ask the Advisor” sessions on Facebook every Friday afternoon – but if you can’t wait for that why not drop us an email or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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Combo Packs

Scull_Val100_Val30mlDon’t forget also that we have our  fantastic special offer running from 28th September all the way through to the 5th November, where you can get a massive 20% discount off RRP on individual product prices* when you  when buying one of our Fireworks Combo Packs. Each pack contains Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound – whether you buy the Small, Medium, Larger or XL pack you’ll be getting great value and two fantastic products to give your pet the best chance of a calm fireworks season.

To The Rescue

This year Dorwest is doing something new, we are extending our calming hand to rescue centres up and down the country by donating ‘combo rescue packs’ to help those most in need – to have your say and nominate a rescue centre simply check out Dorwest’s social media accounts to find out more!

Whatever it takes hopefully Dorwest have it all covered this year – and if we help you don’t forget to let us know – we love to hear the success stories from our customers.




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