Poppy the perfect family pooch!

Poppy2Our pre-launch trial was conducted on a study group of dogs of varied breed and age, some were top winning show dogs, some working dogs, famous social media doggy bloggers and also the important family pet! Here is Poppy’s story shared by her owner Faye Avery


“Poppy is a Labradoodle, she is 5 years old, extremely well natured and loved by everyone who meets her.

Poppy lives with 2 very pretty Persian cats and cannot resist the temptation of their wet cat food, several times a day  she sneakily goes and helps the girls clean their plates.  Poppy is on a special food for her skin and coat but she loves eating the cat’s food which has taken its toll on her skin and coat.

Since Poppy has been taking her daily Dorwest Omega Star oil her skin and coat have improved significantly, the dry scurf has gone and her coat is super shiny making her coat look like velvet.

Poppy loves the taste of the Omega Star oil, she even drinks it straight from the bottle, it must be due to all the natural ingredients Dorwest Omega Star contains.

 I would definitely recommend this product to help nourish the skin and also give your pampered pooch a super shiny coat within a matter of a few weeks”

We are so pleased that we could help Poppy with her skin and coat, Omega Star will now be part of her long term nutrition to keep her looking tip top!


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  1. Would this help my 2 westies they have a skin condition,

    • Hi Sue – we have had some very positive feedback from customers with Westies in particular – if you need any advice please contact us either by phone or email and we’d be happy to discuss how this might help dogs skin condition. Thanks, Ben

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