Our Roast Dinner Toothpaste has always been a firm favourite for owners wanting to keep their dog’s teeth clean and healthy.  Customers tell us that it is the best and most effective toothpaste they have ever used and that it’s economical to use too.  But we’re always looking at ways to improve even the best products and so in consultation with dental professionals and taking  customer feedback into account, we’re excited to be able to say that now it is even better!

 The basic formula is the same but we’ve made some minor changes to make it even more effective at removing plaque and preventing tartar formation.  We’ve also removed sweeteners, as we don’t think there’s any need for them, and because a pot of the paste lasts so long, we’ve made sure that the new formula paste will remain at exactly the same consistency right until the end of the pot.

 We all know that a good dental regime with regular teeth cleaning will improve dental health and reduce the need for frequent de-scaling of the teeth, so we’ve made it as easy and pleasant to use for both pet and owners.  The paste is low foaming so as not to put off the pet and has an improved taste that they really go for, in fact our office dogs were so keen on the new samples that they tried to eat them!

 It’s always easier if pets can become used to having their teeth cleaned from an early age as this makes it more easily accepted as part of their general care regime, but even if you haven’t tried cleaning your pet’s teeth before, you will find our new formula  Roast Dinner Toothpaste makes it easy to introduce this to their routine.  Ideally pet’s should have their teeth cleaned daily but this may be impractical for some people, so we suggest that you aim to do it at least once a week to keep the plaque under control land so reduce the likelihood of tartar build up.  The new formula paste still contains Sage oil, a potent anti-oxidant that  also has more than a dozen antiseptic compounds, to help whiten the teeth, freshen the mouth and keep gums healthy. 

 So give it a go – and then let us know what you think !