How herbals can help noise phobic pets

Wouldn’t it be great if your pet stayed calm and collected as fireworks go off outside?

Relaxed_dog_indoorWhether your pet just doesn’t like loud noises very much or if it has developed into a more severe phobia, these are the common behavioural signs that are indicative of stress:

  • Unable to settle and pacing the room
  • Shaking, salivating and panting
  • Destructiveness, howling or even toileting indoors
  • Cowering, hiding, digging or trying to escape

This behaviour is awful for your pet and also deeply upsetting for you, their owner.  Often owners think the only solutions are one of the two extremes….  ignore it and hope it gets better or go the vet and ask for a pharmaceutical sedative such as ACP.  But there is a more effective middle way, dog calming medication which  will actually help your dog at this upsetting  time and hopefully reduce the phobia as time goes on.

How can herbal products help?

Scull_Val100_Val30mlHerbs are gentle but effective and our products Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound are formulated by experts to reduce anxiety by lessening activity in the nervous system rather than relaxing muscles (This is what happens when a sedative is administered).  This means your pet feels more relaxed and calm without sedating or affecting their normal behaviour.

These natural calming remedies for dogs virtually have no side effects and are successfully used over the fireworks period, will millions of doses being sold every year.  This results in pets being less anxious about the noises they can hear which normally cause fear and distress.

Scullcap & Valerian Tablets contain 4 active herbal  ingredients; Valerian, Gentian, Mistletoe and Scullcap. It is a licensed medicine and has been tried and trusted for over 50 years. Use at the dose of 1 tablet per 5 Kg bodyweight daily and increase to 2 tablets per 5Kg on days when the noises are at their worst.  The Liquid Organic Valerian Compound acts more quickly and is perfect to give for unexpected scares and noises or as a ‘top-up’

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