Why is my dog scared of loud noises?

Anyone with adequate hearing can respond to noises, and loud ones make us all jump! Dogs and cats have far more sensitive hearing than us humans. They can hear noises we cannot, and certain sounds may appear louder or unusual if they do not know what is causing them. Any sound that creates a fear response can have an impact on their behaviour and they are often described as being ‘noise phobic’.  Of course, not all pets are affected, but for owners of pets that are scared of certain sounds, it can be highly worrying.

A ‘noise’ or ‘sound’ phobia is diagnosed when the initial fear response becomes so extreme or repetitive that the pet finds that it interferes with their normal daily behaviours. They may panic, shake, shiver or bolt away. In more serious cases they may even lose control of their bodily functions and appear extremely distressed for long periods.

With all the hot weather we have had so far this summer,  is is inevitable that it eventually breaks and we get some violent thunderstorms which can be scary for our pets. As we don’t have these storms regularly most pets, especially young ones, find the noises and lightning flashes disturbing, although some cope quite well when they become accustomed to them. The same with fireworks. Although these are more common in the autumn/winter with bonfire night and New Year’s Eve, many places will have fireworks displays during the summer.

What can you do to help?

  • Take your pet out for a long walk earlier in the daylight, long before fireworks start.
  • Give them happy activities to tire and distract them. See our special videos below for fun ideas to keep their brains busy.
  • Stay with your pet, and act in a jolly manner. You can reassure your pet happily that all is well!
  • Feed your pet earlier in the day and save tasty treats for the evening. This helps them form a positive association with firework sounds.
  • Keep the TV on, and add a radio playing in another room to mask sound.
  • Allow your pet to retreat to their den and let them enjoy the peace and safety of this cosy haven.
  • For extremely severe cases ask for a referral from your vet to a clinical animal behaviourist for a individual consultation
  • Use Scullcap & Valerian Tablets which are a dog anxiety remedy, in advance of the worst nights

How can herbal products help?

Our licensed herbal medicine Scullcap & Valerian Tablets are perfect to calm and relax your pet, alongside the behavioural techniques suggested. They are gentle on the system and made using high quality authenticated herbs that are full of active compounds.

These specially selected herbs reduce anxiety by calming activity in the nervous system rather than sedating and relaxing muscles. This means they will be less concerned about the noises that would normally cause distress without sedating or affecting their normal behaviour..

These natural calming remedies for dogs virtually have no side effects and are successfully used over the fireworks period, will millions of doses being sold every year.

Scullcap & Valerian Tablets

This licensed medicine has been used for over 50 years. It contains 4 active herbal  ingredients; Valerian, Gentian, Mistletoe and Scullcap.

Use at the dose of 1 tablet per 5 Kg bodyweight daily and increase to 2 tablets per 5Kg on days when the noises are at their worst. This medicine is the perfect dog anxiety treatment.

 Valerian Compound

Contains pure extracts of three herbs in liquid form, which ensures it acts in just 30 minutes. This can be given in addition to Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and is perfect to give for unexpected scares and noises or as a ‘top-up’. The perfect natural remedy for dog anxiety.

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