You have plenty of time to get ready, so let’s get started on our plan for a quiet, calm and serene fireworks season for your dog!


1. Safe place

Your pet needs to retreat to a place they can feel content and safe when it all gets loud and scary.  A soundproofed crate with the door open is ideal, or simply a room where they are protected from noise and vibration.  Pet them and play with them in there, too, so that it becomes a lovely place for them to rest and relax. They will choose to enter more often if you get it right, and will hide there when things get a bit much in future.





2. Keep the noise out

Use heavy curtains at windows and lay blankets along the bottom of doorways. If using a crate, you can place it on top of blankets to insulate from sound, as well as draping one over the top.

3.Create a 5 star den!

Add goodies and chew toys and a water dish inside the den. Let your pet investigate gradually. Never force them in, make it their perfect place where they want to spend time. Pat and pay them attention too when they are in there so they don’t feel they are missing out

4. Get them used to the noise (gently!)

Play the sounds of fireworks (available on CD or download online) quietly whilst your pet plays or eats dinner, to accustom them to the strange noises. Gradually increase the volume – over a few days or weeks – whilst your pet stays relaxed. This is important if you live in a quiet household.






5. Ask a professional

Talk to your Vet about help. They can refer you to an Animal Behaviourist, this is very advisable in severe cases.

6. Identity!

Check and update microchip details if necessary and ensure they have an ID tag on their collar to allow safe return, in case the worse happens

7. Techniques for on the night

Read our other blog here which features some great distraction games to play with your dog as well as other last minute tips!

8. Start the calming process

Now is the time to start administering Scullcap & Valerian Tablets on a daily basis, this allows plenty of time to calm their nervous system and keep them stress-free.




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