As part of our ‘Remember Remember for a Calmer November’ campaign, this is the third fun game put together for us by Clinical Canine Behaviourist Karen Wild.

This game is great especially for dogs that are less motivated by food! Dogs love playing hide and seek around the house. Make sure you give them lots of praise when they find you and if they do like a tasty treat, you can make it part of the reward


Remember Remember this November 5th:

  • A morning dose of Scullcap & Valerian Tablets to keep them calm
  • A nice long walk in the day to physically tire them out
  • An early dinner before it is too dark, so they can go outside to the toilet before the fireworks start
  • Give their second dose of Scullcap & Valerian Tablets around 2 hours before any fireworks are due to go off
  • Draw the curtains and turn the television or radio up
  • Play some game with them to distract them from the noise that is going on outside
  • Have Valerian Compound on standby for a ‘top-up’ in case the fireworks get very bad

Remember Remember we are always here to help! Just ring 01308 897272

Fun game to play with your dog if they are scared of fireworks