During this festive season, you know that Fireworks are going to be bad and your dog will be scared, you can still do plenty to help settle your pet. Here are some last minute ideas from animal behaviourist Karen Wild to implement on the day:


  1. Take your pet out for a long walk earlier in the daylight, long before fireworks start.
  2. Give them happy activities to tire and distract them. See our special videos below for fun ideas to keep their brains busy.
  3. Stay with your pet, and act in a jolly manner. You can reassure your pet happily that all is well!
  4. Feed your pet earlier in the day and save tasty treats for the evening. This helps them form a positive association with firework sounds.
  5. Keep the TV on, and add a radio playing in another room to mask sound.
  6. Allow your pet to retreat to their den (see my other tips) and let them enjoy the peace and safety of this cosy haven.
  7. If it becomes too much, pop your pet in the car and drive to a quieter location, keeping the car warm and the radio on, of course!



As we all know there is nothing better than a bit of distraction to take your mind of something that may be worrying you – the same with our dogs!

A mentally challenging game is a brilliant idea as it not only distracts them but also mentally tires them out.  Here are a series of videos of us showing us simple games to play with your dog. Some are for food motivated dogs, some for the ball loving dogs and one that will appeal to all!





Karen Wild is a qualified dog training instructor and a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist