There is no need for pet owners to panic this firework season as Dorwest say, ‘Firework Phobia? – No Fear!’ with the help of the veterinary licensed medicine Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and with top ups of the liquid Organic Valerian Compound, thousands of dogs and cats have stayed calm and laid back, despite their firework fears and phobias.

This year we have produced THE essential guide to naturally managing your pet’s firework phobia, which include a ‘Top Tips’ section outlining behavioural techniques and coping strategies written by the fantastic Pet Behaviour Counsellor Karen Wild BA (Hons) Dip App Psych, ABIPDT, APBC.  Find the guide at participating veterinary practices and pet shops or view the leaflet on-line.

Merlin the Dorwest Dog is the ‘main man’ this year as he stars in his own ‘Face Your Fears’ firework game on the Dorwest Facebook page or website, being launched on 1st October and runs until 5th November. Put your co-ordination skills to the test as you help Merlin extinguish an array of fireworks in the hope of saving his canine and feline friends from a night of terror! There are 5 weekly prizes up for grabs for the top scorer where you can face your fears of extreme heights, confined spaces and many more – are you game?! 

With a recent survey showing that over 90 per cent of customers would recommend  Scullcap & Valerian Tablets to a friend for noise phobia, they are set to fly off the shelves of veterinary practices and pet shops during the busy firework period, so remember to stock up early! Of course the Dorwest Helpline is just a phone call away so you can speak with an advisor to run through your pets problem – on 01308 897272