It’s almost time for Crufts 2016! In number five of our blog we find out more about our Managing Director, Jo, the third generation of Boughton(-White) family and now in charge at Dorwest she gives us her answers to the now familiar “Meet the Team” questions.IMG_6333

Name: Jo Boughton-White

Position/Job Role: Managing Director

Nickname: Dustbin

Favourite product to recommend: Tree Barks Powder –  as it can completely change a dogs life so quickly. I remember a lady at Crufts a few years ago who was on the brink of having her dog put to sleep as she was not doing well at all, not putting weight on, the food just going straight through the body, looseness etc. She said the ‘spark had left her eyes’, I recommended Tree Barks Powder and 1 week later I had a call to say she was like a different dog! A real life changing product

What pets do you own: 4 whippets, Peggy-Sue, Elsie, Hilda and Katniss

Most rewarding part of the job: Cases such as the ‘Tree Barks’ dog above are incredibly rewarding but on a MD level I know that as a company our customers can  rely on us 100% and that the quality of our products really couldn’t be better. Dorwest is an established family business with wonderful heritage and it all revolves around ensuring our customers pets are central to every decision we make. We are proud of everything we do and that helps me sleep at night!

Expertise: I was born into Dorwest and dogs, my childhood was spent helping out in the office, helping pack orders or at dog shows. I know our business inside and out and dogs too!  Pretty good at anything science based too.

Greatest achievement: This has got be raising our balanced and kind children (So far at least!)

Hobbies: Whippets! (Walking, showing, playing and cuddling!) Road cycling (I spend an awful lot of time in lycra on a saddle) Drinking coffee and eating cake (Pre-requisites for any cyclist)

Bad Habits: Having possibly the worst handwriting in Dorset if not the UK! Really should have been a doctor….!