Poodle1Also on the first day of Crufts 2016 is the Utility group. This group is made up of twenty-nine different breeds including Akitas, Dalmatians and all three sizes of Poodle. The Poodles are always a popular choice at Crufts with the 2014 Best in Show going to the Standard Poodle, Ch/Am Ch. Afterglow Maverick Sabre, or ‘Ricky’. Staying with Poodles we caught up with Leanne and Lisa Bryant who own ‘Kyle’ the Toy Poodle. Some of you may recognise Kyle as he featured as a #dorwestdog towards the end of 2015 and he has much better hair than our own Kyle here at Dorwest!

“We first came into Poodles through a very close friend and have never been without one since. Over the years we have had standards and toys but now we only have toys, this is due purely to size and lifestyle. Toy poodles are intelligent, loving, loyal, and mischievous they are always up to something and always putting a smile on your face!

We find each dog has it’s own mannerism, Kyle for instance will give anyone not paying him their full attention…a dirty look! Which always makes us chuckle (yes he really is a Diva).

He enjoys the finer things in life hotel stays, where he always gets the big bed, traveling and if he can get away with it, going to a party with us as he just loves the attention! He’s collected a bit of a fan club along the way in his show career and we’re always asked how ‘Baby Kyle’ has done.

Over the years we have made friends from all over the world, people who without showing dogs we would never have in our lives met. Some people we spend every weekend with, others we may see once a year, but there is always a special bond because we all have that one thing in common, we love our dogs and they will always come first.

PennyroyalHe enjoys going shopping either on weekends off or at shows, especially if he gets to go to Dorwest to pick up his Pennyroyal shampoo for his after show baths, as at home Kyle loves nothing more than playing outside in the mud with his toys! Pennyroyal is great at removing the mud and smell! He also gets presents for his friends back home taking a selection of Evening Primrose oil and  Glucosamine & Chondroitin which our dogs would never be without.”


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