Juicy 2The second day of Crufts 2016 is dedicated to the biggest group, Gundogs. Known for their hunting abilities, the Gundog group is split into five sub-groups, Hunt, Point, Retrieve; Retrievers; Spaniels; Utility Gundogs and the Setters & Pointers. All having their own distinct hunting purpose and many people will agree they are a very active group, running, jumping and in our next #dorwestdog case, swimming! We caught up with Sam and her dog, Juicy the Pointer to see what life’s like. You may recognise Sam and Juicy from an earlier blog as she has been shortlisted for Exhibitor of the Year at this years Pawscars.

EPO100Here at Sharnphilly one of our main aims when we show our dogs is to keep them happy, healthy and in top condition at all times. We use a range of Dorwest products to help us with this, including Evening Primrose Oil for healthy skin & coat, when having short coated breeds it is visible when they start to change coat so using this helps and they look at their best, with constant gleam and shine. We also use Raspberry Leaf Tablets and Urtica Urens 3C to help and manage hormonal bitches who are prone to phantoms, after and before seasons, and Keepers Mix to ensure they have as much vitamins as possible.

Pointers are a wonderful breed who love their free running, however they will walk/run as far or as little as you want. They love home life and lounging around on the sofa in the warm after. They are very gentle natured and can be sensitive at times with loud noises. We socialise them from a very young age with all sorts of scenarios, people, children and others dogs. When mature we try to vary the type of exercise, so they do swimming, lead walking and free running, which we feel builds up muscle throughout their whole body.

We have been in the breed for almost 18 years and have owned some fantastic Pointers. The most notable winner we have had is our liver and white pointer “Juicy” who came from our homebred litter of 15! Which she shone from a very young age and was destined to stay at Sharnphilly. She has a bombproof temperament which is second to none, and is a very happy girl who enjoys life everyday especially weekends when she knows she is going to a show. Juicy is a complete show dog who never lets us down no matter what the weather or how she is feeling, which makes her the complete package. She has won too much to mention but our most proudest moments have to be winning our first All breeds Best in Show at Southern Counties and Being the Joint breed record holder.

Showing dogs is a wonderful hobby which we enjoy with our dogs and meeting up with friends, with shows being every weekend it’s a good time to chat with people, help out people when needed and encourage newcomers to our breed. Our dogs adore going to shows and we try to make the day as fun as possible for them, but first and foremost they are our loving family pets. We want to thank Dorwest for helping us keep our team in the best possible condition and always helping us when needed.

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