The last few weeks have marked the unofficial end of summer, as kids, parents and grandparents will know only too well, it’s time to go ‘Back to School’ for most children in the country.  And after those many days of playing, no homework and lots of time spent with the family dog, it can be quite a shock for the children.   But, what about the dog being left in a house with a lot less people around and most importantly less attention?   Well, recently here at Dorwest HQ we have had many calls regarding separation anxiety, although not every case is directly linked to the children going back to school of course.  But if your dog is one of the more stressful types and has shown signs of separation anxiety when left alone, it can be effective to use Valerian Compound whenever the dog is left.  The beauty of this unique product is that it can be given easily and works in around 20 minutes, making it ideal to administer when you leave the house,  just to help calm and relax the dog.  Along with giving Valerian Compound, some basic behaviour techniques can also help relaxation,  such as giving the dog a toy which is stuffed with treats or a good large raw bone to keep them amused.  It’s very important to only give the bone or toy when you leave them, so as to keep the dog ‘keen’ to look forward to the occasion rather than having the toy available all the time which can lose the benefit.  It’s also recommended not to make a fuss when leaving the dog or upon your return; no fuss, no cuddles, just carry on as normal.  Simply start using these tips, when you leave the house for a brief time and slowly build it up the time you leave the dog, it can really help the most anxious of pets.