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Elderberry & Nettle Extract for Dogs and Cats

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Lack of skin or coat pigmentation can occur through the winter, or following oestrus (season or heat) or illness and in old age. The herbs in this supplement are naturally rich in iron and iodine and tried and tested solutions to pigmentation problems.

The highly concentrated full strength liquid extract used in this supplement can be added to the existing diet and given for as long as it is needed.

Ingredients: 25% Elderberry extract; 75% Nettle extract, both conforming to British Herbal Pharmacopoeia standards

Administration: Small dogs & cats ¼ tsp; Medium dogs ½ tsp; Large dogs 1 tsp; Giant breeds 1½ tsp. given daily

Use during pregnancy and lactation: Yes

Age from which can be used: 8 weeks of age

Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any other medication

Long or short term use: May be given indefinitely but recommended for a minimum of one month

Always read the label

A patch of fur with no pigment.

Review By:
I wanted to thank you. I contacted you a little while ago as my post op dog with cancer had a nasty patch from the op that was covered in white fur where the rest of her was fawn (and the patch was huge!). I was told that the fur may be this colour because of the anti-cancer drugs and nothing may change it, but I could try Elderberry & Nettle Extract. I did this & handily my dog started to moult at the same time and I am thrilled to say that her fur has grown back its original colour! Although her colour is the least of her worries, the patch and her pale look did promote a lot of questions, which does become tiring. Her her new healthy look means we can get on with life and no one is any the wiser. So thanks for the advice and you can let anyone else with the same problem know this is definitely worth a try.

Rating: 5 / 5